• Richard Gauthier, President

Operations support

  • Claude Ganache, CPA, CA

    Finances and Administration Manager

  • Duane Burrill

    Procurement Manager

  • Steve Côté, Eng, PMP

    Project Control and Planning Manager

  • Gregory Koutitonsky, CRHA

    Health Safety and Environment Manager

  • Camille Boisclair, CRHA

    Human Resources Manager

  • Sylvain Thériault, Ing.

    Business Development Manager

Operations management

  • Sylvain Gadoury

    Technical Manager

  • Jean-Francis Joly, Eng.

    Industrial Division Mechanic Manager

  • Éric Thibaudeau

    Service Departement and Small Project Manager

  • Patrick Végiard

    Industrial Division Electric Manager

  • Martin Bédard

    Construction Manager

  • Louis Cyr

    Major Projects and Maintenance Manager