Ethics and responsibility: an example
for the industry

GASTIER has become a part of the industrial landscape as a company that is in line with its employees as well as the population thanks to its thoughtful initiatives, particularly in terms of safety. However, we are governed by ethics at all levels! Core values inspire us in our commitment to further improve.


The RESPECT that we demonstrate towards
everyone and that enriches our team spirit

The RIGOUR that knits us to our goals
and the pride felt in reaching them

TheDEDICATION we put into our work
and the dynamism that defines us

The COMPETENCY that thrives on challenges
and increases everyone’s potential


We are among the first in the industry to elaborate a code of ethics that sets out our corporate values – and to publicly release it. GASTIER follows strict guidelines for the conduct of its business, while remaining mindful about its environmental and community responsibility.




  • To communicate freely with our ethics committee, send us an e-mail at:
  • To leave an anonymous and confidential voicemail, please reach us through our dedicated phone line: 1-844 206-4545 (toll free)