Cost and schedule

Experienced personnel, a well-equipped workforce and an effective management system are all assets Gastier leverages to keep tight control on deadlines and budgets.

An impressive number of our engineers, project managers, superintendents, foremen, technicians and experienced tradesmen have been working with us for many years.

Gastier advocates a systematic, ongoing approach to deadline and cost management. From the earliest planning meetings to regular follow-up meetings, the planning manager ensures that all contributors coordinate their actions to meet deadlines and stay within budget. While work is in progress, systematic follow-up detects any discrepancies, and corrective measures are quickly proposed to correct any necessary situations.

In addition to their expertise and qualifications, our personnel can count on IT systems that combine procurement, payroll, budgeting and estimates to generate detailed performance analysis reports. They also use the Primavera P6 scheduling software and other planning programs as required.

But beyond the company’s technologies and financial resources, Gastier’s key to success is above all in our capacity for innovation and in our staff’s dedication and commitment.