Quality vision

Quality assurance and control are under the responsibility of the quality department, which is represented on the executive committee. The company also has a permanent quality committee that enforces and continually updates our quality processes.

The Gastier Group is certified ISO 9001-2008. This certification guarantees our partners that the right people are working in the right places, and that the company’s focus is the work process, carefully monitored using performance indicator dashboards…another sure sign of Gastier’s commitment to quality for our current and future clients. Because we believe that all of our clients deserve quality.

Our accreditation is registered by a certified firm and entered in the registry of this independent organization. It attests that Gastier has documented and implemented a world-class quality management system that meets all the requirements and standards of ISO 9001-2008.

Our Quality Policy

To be recognized as the best in all our sectors:

  • By offering services that focus on:
    • Safety
    • Quality
    • schedule respect
    • Containing costs
  • By being effective and efficient in our response to client needs and expectations, demonstrating professionalism and leadership
  • By encouraging the commitment, skills development and advancement of our employees, in order to earn their trust and respect
  • By continually improving our processes, approach, methods, techniques and quality management system, to the benefit of our employees and clients


Our quality management principles can be summed up clearly in eight points:

  • Client orientation
  • Leadership
  • Employee commitment
  • Process approach
  • System approach to management
  • Continuous improvement
  • Factual approach to decision-making
  • Mutually beneficial supplier relationships


The quality management system is outlined in a manual that includes the following topics:

  • Management processes
  • Operational processes
  • Procedures for:
    • Document and recording control
    • Non-compliant product control
    • Internal audits
    • Corrective and preventive actions
    • Evaluation of client satisfaction
    • Control of metering devices
    • Supplier/subcontractor evaluation
    • Identification and traceability


This system meets the quality requirements and guidelines of the current international standards, and Gastier is committed to dedicating all the resources necessary to manage and implement this system effectively.

Management has made a commitment to communicate the importance of satisfying client expectations as well as regulatory and legal requirements to the entire organization.

This commitment includes regular reviews by senior management. We also hold a certification audit every three years and “maintenance” audits on a yearly basis.


Gastier has created a quality culture that has become second nature to us: we are used to working this way and so we always keep a close eye on quality.